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Mostly good, but out of date. I noticed how old the info is checking the Manual for Courts Martial, which has seen several changes not reflected in this app.

Needs an update!! No support whatsoever!!

Nice app, but needs iPhone 5 support, 2013 pay scale and so on... They took my money but they haven't updated this in over a year. Pretty pathetic.

Great info, weak interface

You should re-design the app and make it faster to scroll, like to get to the meat and potatoes of Art. 134 in the punitive article section of the UCMJ, takes forever! Just a thought, maybe you could make it interactive, like click on the article and it jumps to the info to look up elements and other useful info.


They got my money but it wouldn't download due to the graphics. I regret buying this.

U.S. Armed Forces

you can get a better app for free. don't waste your dollar. you are better off giving your money to the guy at the corner

2012 MCM

The 2012 MCM is out, please update. Also, could not find section on max penalties for punitive articles.

Update the Info

Needs a up-to-date pay chart

Expected more...

Very excited when I saw this collection of all things military. Great resource for those wanting a decent review of military assets. Needs: Full-screen photography Multiple shots of ships, aircraft, etc. Video Lose the illustrations Design a more compelling UI; was this designed in MS Word? Times Roman as font?


This app is extremely frustrating. Despite making the text as large as possible it was still impossible to decipher the enlisted insignia. Also I could find no way to comment or provide feedback except through the review process.

Missing something!

Anybody heard of The Infantryman's Creed? Well; it's not here... Lack of info!

It used to be a good app

But it stopped working and can't get updates. It used to be free but now it cost a whooping $4.99. Why? I want mine to start working again but refuse to pay for the upgrade since I had already downloaded the free version. Maybe it self destructs after a certain time.


I have refered to this app countless times, especially when the need for a counseling statement or Article 15 needed to be done. This app has lots of details about all services. i love the fact that the detail/description in the awards and decorations page is immaculate. the few things that this app is missing is the Infantrymans creed and song! i would also love to see the standards for uniforms implimented ( i needed that right now for my class A's, but it is not on this app sadly) all in all, this is a 5 star app that is completely worth the small price! Definatly needs all the FM, DD, and AR manuals.....


It's a good reference app but van you add the battleships to the navy watercraft

Great resource

This is a very SOLID app. Much more well rounded then I thought it would be. I've owned it for over a year and still can recommend it. Again...very comprehensive compared to others. If it could grow...I would suggest per diem rates, GSA airline city pairs, pay.

Great App

This is a tremendous resource and has more in hear than many of the other apps out there. I don't tend to write reviews but was blown away with what is included within. If you want all things military, this is worth every cent.

Out of Date

I absolutely love this app beyond imagination...but the only thing I recommend is that they start to keep things up to date..it's been a while and a lot has changed with everything it be 30x better if they would just supply an update for this application. Otherwise! This app is boss!

Love it

Update AFI21-101 and add its ANG SUP

Useful App

This is a very useful app. I work on a base that is represented by all branches of the service and constantly reference. I also used it to help study for a recent Junior Sailor of the Quarter board, which I won. I was wondering if you could add Naval Warfare Devices and the different Uniform regulations. That would definitely make this app a five star app.

Nice resource, but misrepresented

I will change this to a 5-star review once all the things listed as "included" in the description are actually included in the purchase price, not just available for purchase through the app.

Outstanding app!

Couldn't be more pleased! Great job. I love the rank section especially in joint command and with my PGR missions!

Good but has room for improvement!

Overall it's a very well done app but could use a few other things. I think that PT standards would be WAY more useful than presidential addresses. Also, you should create an actual pay calculator like many websites have. That would certainly help! Possibly a new interface too that is icon oriented with categories. There is tons of info in this app and it really needs better organization. Other than that keep up the good work!

Wonderful app

I love this app but it could use some more air force stuff

Good, but could be better!

Great app, lots of info, would be 5-star with a general search option to help you locate specific information from any page, including the main menu.

Good app

Missing words like bohica( bend over here it comes again) and whiskey tango ( white trash)

Great deal for the price

You get a lot for just $1.99.

Awesome app!

This app is very useful and extremely interesting. Whether you're interested in the military or just like learning about it, this app is perfect. Also, all other apps by this dev are sweet. Bought 'em all.

Incorporate PT Standards

This definitely a very handy tool. Developers, please incorporate Physical Training (PT) standards for every service. That would complete it for me.


Ok FRH stand for field ration heater used to warm up the MRE's


This app is cheaper and better than any paper version of basic service wide knowledge. Has a ton of great information, especially like the information for medals and awards.

Very useful!

As all apps from this line are, top notch!

Must Get this App

Great app. Love the MOS and Acronyms. Wish I could see more pictures of the fm on the in-app store. Is the 7-22-7 the complete thing or highlights. Thank you

Missing mre info

Some mre stuff is wrong... Menu items have changed and what is an FRH? Also does not say which has m&ms and such. Yes...I am an mre chef... Bite me...

Good stuff

My leiutenant was amazed at this. What he has in a giant book, I have on my iphone. Now if you could include the USMC seps manuel, it would be perfect.

Has potential

Not alot of info like mos breakdown and the mre lists are wrong


I would like to see the creeds of all the special ops teams. the Army Ranger Creed. Thanks

Great tool

I work in the Prisoner Services Branch in a military prison and I use this for referencing the MCM and the UCMJ when I am proofing court documents and sentences. Don't write a 4430 without it.

Excellent app

Great tool for anyone in the military.

Good for what it promises to do...

Informative & interesting.

Killer app, can't beat the price

Love the app but I'm dying for some updated info!! If the developers have anything neat and new to add I would definately bump 5 stars any day.

Amazing wealth of information for a buck!

I would have expected to see each document included in this app for a buck or more...but that would make this app cost a hundred dollars! The Major Bases feature alone is worth more than I paid for this app - perhaps add a "Donate to the USO" feature for those of us who feel like we're ripping you off and want to give something more back!

Good App

It would be a great app if the UCMJ and the MCM were separated by each part due to the length on the screen. Also, the base pay should be updated everytime the government raises it.


This is a great application but there is still a little room for improvement. I would really like to see you expand the pay area a bit (BAH, PER DIEM, BAS, etc.) Fitness information for each branch would also be very useful. Certainly can't complain for the price!!!

Nice collection, a lot of room for improvement

Overall, I rate this app 4 stars. I own your other apps, dev, and I love the design, interface, and content. However, I'd like to request a Glossary, more complete info as to ALL medals, updated pay charts and even the MREs. Also, where is the ROE (rules of engagement) document? Please update this and keep up the good work! For 0.99 cents, you can't beat it...

Great app minus some problems

Add a glossary •Add more information about each branch of the military. •LOTS of info on the military academy's!!! Otherwise great app!!!!!

Decent app

This app has alot of information packed into it, but some areas need updating, such as the MRE list and pay charts. It's also missing a couple things, like the general orders of the sentry and some ribbons/medals. Hopefully an update will come out to Fix these issues, but for $.99 you can't beat it.


best app I bought thanks it is so cool 

Pretty great

It's a great app and I'm very pleased with it

All the facts

In-depth coverage of data; answered all my questions about how requirements for the Bronze Star, a medal my father received and never told us how.

Too Much stuff

I think this APP is very interesting but frankly there is too much unnecessary stuff on it. I already know the rank structure for all the armed services (they taught me that in boot camp 16 years ago), The documents on there are interesting but I have read most of them already and once I read the rest I wont feel the need to read them again, and I don't need or care about any of the service songs. What I DO like is the Manual for Courts Martial, the UCMJ, the pay tables (BAH rates, BAS rates, special duty pay,FSA and entitlements, hazardous duty pays ect would also be a great addition), the awards decorations (it would be useful to have a listing of the award criteria for each award), and the different base listing information. All of those things are extremely valuable for a career service member. I recommend that you make a different version of this app for active serving members and get rid of all the useless (for my peer group of consumers) stuff and make a more efficient App.

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